Alan Jones

Election watch: Housing must be about quality as well as quantity

RIBA president Alan Jones looks at the parties’ pledges on housing, in the last of a series scrutinising the manifestos

Jane Duncan

Election watch: The next government needs to get an urgent grip on fire safety


Former RIBA president Jane Duncan looks at how the Grenfell tragedy is addressed in the manifestos

Latest Digital Edition


BD Digital Edition - November 2019

Highlights from November in a magazine format



  • Building Study: Auckland Tower, County Durham, by Niall McLaughlin

  • Building Study: Walker’s Court, Soho, by Soda Studio

  • Technical Study: Stratford Pavilion by Acme

  • Building Study: Zayed Centre, Great Ormond Street, by Stanton Williams

  • Building Study: Marmalade Lane, Cambridge, by Mole Architects

  • Technical Study: Science Museum supporters’ centre, by Hat Projects

  • Building Study: The Twist, Norway, by BIG

  • Technical Study: Beaconsfield Mews cohousing, London, by Stolon Studio

  • Building Study: Tintagel Bridge, Cornwall, by William Matthews Associates

  • Technical Study: North West Cambridge housing by Stanton Williams





Andreia Reis Sesc_Pompéia_(4759990517)

Murray Kerr’s inspiration: SESC Pompéia, São Paulo


The Denizen Works director recalls his first visit to the social and cultural centre in a Brazilian barrel factory

Black Social value index pic logo_resize

Making the world a better place - through design

2019-11-13T07:00:00+00:00By 2 comments

Building Design has launched a new initiative placing social value at the heart of our coverage

Flora Samuel crop

Imagine a neighbourhood where social value is part of its DNA

2019-12-10T07:00:00+00:00By Flora Samuel1 comments

What would the characteristics of such a place be, asks Flora Samuel

Eleanor Jolliffe

We need to talk about money

2019-12-04T07:00:00+00:00By Eleanor Jolliffe16 comments

Eleanor Jolliffe looks at the rise and fall of fee scales

Gillian Darley index

How to do ornament that’s not a crime


Gillian Darley on the delight of a well-crafted detail

David Rudlin_index

Plasticine and power: Modelling the social value of urban design

2019-11-28T07:00:00+00:00By David Rudlin

Social value is easy to pursue when working for enlightened clients – but what about all those other projects?