• Brixton Windmill Centre, London, by Squire & Partners

  • Building Study: Plumstead Centre, London, by Hawkins Brown

  • Maggie’s Centre at the Royal Marsden, Sutton, by Ab Rogers Design

  • Building Study: Town House, Kingston University, by Grafton Architects

  • The world’s hottest projects in 2020

  • Building Study: Auckland Tower, County Durham, by Niall McLaughlin

  • Building Study: Walker’s Court, Soho, by Soda Studio

  • Building Study: Zayed Centre, Great Ormond Street, by Stanton Williams

  • Building Study: Marmalade Lane, Cambridge, by Mole Architects

  • Building Study: The Twist, Norway, by BIG

  • ‘You don’t get involved in a project like this for the glory or the money’

  • NHS Nightingale: How we built a hospital in 10 days

  • Coming soon – 3D printed components for the masses

  • Technical Study: UK Hydrographic Office in Somerset by AHR

  • Technical Study: Stratford Pavilion by Acme

  • Technical Study: Science Museum supporters’ centre, by Hat Projects


Roosenberg Abbey 3

Edmund Fowles’ inspiration: Roosenberg Abbey, Flanders

The Feilden Fowles director on a remote Belgian monastery designed by a monk who devised his own version of the golden ratio



Richard Griffiths’ first project: The Old Dispensary, Stratford

The architect recalls putting quality over cost, winning over hostile workmen and an electric shock

No 1 Poultry

How No1 Poultry almost lost its stripes

By 3 comments

The project architect on Stirling’s masterpiece recounts the extraordinary story behind his luckiest break