Five architects paired with local authorities

Regional and London practices are among the winners of a RIBA place-making competition that will see them paired with local authorities around the country.

London-based Tonkin Liu and Fereday Pollard are joined on the winners’ podium by Integreat Plus of Sheffield, GT3 Architects which has studios in Newcastle and Nottingham and Hilton Barnfield Architects of Exeter.

Tonkin Liu is matched with the local authority in Great Yarmouth, Fereday Pollard with North Northamptonshire, Integreat Plus with Bradford, GT3 with Gateshead and Hilton Barnfield with Greater Exeter.

The Future Place selection panel included RIBA president Ben Derbyshire, RIBA director of practice Lucy Carmichael, Petra Marko, co-founder of Marko & Placemakers, and Sadie Morgan, founding director of dRMM, National Infrastructure Commissioner and newly appointed to the Homes England board.

Derbyshire said: “The RIBA’s Future Place programme is all about supporting the five local planning authorities as they develop their ambitious future visions to enhance people’s lives, improve community wellbeing and create sustainable environments.

“Now each has a talented architectural practice to work alongside, I believe we will clearly demonstrate the role the profession has to play. I am delighted with the outcome and very much look forward to seeing ideas unfold.”

The Future Place programme aims to recognise and support high-quality placemaking in England. It is run by the RIBA alongside the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), Homes England, Local Government Association (LGA) and the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).

Morgan praised those involved – competitors, clients, government agencies and professional bodies.

“Through their collaboration they have shown real leadership in improving the placemaking of the nation,” she said.

“The quality of submissions coupled with the ambition of local authorities to do things differently shows that initiatives such as this can positively impact the way we deliver future places.”

The winners

  • Bradford – diverse community-led placemaking
    The City of Bradford District Council has a strong vision to transform the city centre by creating new homes and economic opportunities. Integreat Plus will be identifying innovative ways to engage with the young, diverse communities of the future in the process of refreshing and updating Bradford’s vision.
  • Gateshead – health and wellbeing-led placemaking
    Gateshead Council is committed to creating a lively and connected town centre which promotes a better quality of life. GT3 Architects will be identifying opportunities to improve health, wellbeing, social interaction for current and future residents of the town.
  • Great Yarmouth – heritage and innovation-led placemaking and growth
    Great Yarmouth Borough Council is currently driving forward an ambitious Town Centre Masterplan and major regeneration projects along the seafront to enhance the experience for tourists and the local community. Tonkin Liu will carry out an analysis of the seafront and propose inclusive improvements to the public realm celebrating local culture, heritage, and innovation.
  • Greater Exeter – sustainable growth and high density-living-led placemaking
    By 2040 Greater Exeter wants to be recognised as a global leader in sustainable living and one of the most active, healthy and accessible cities in England. Hilton Barnfield Architects and David Hawes will be developing design principles for higher-density car-free neighbourhoods.
  • North Northamptonshire – landscape and green infrastructure-led placemaking
    The five partner Local Authorities which make up North Northamptonshire plan to advance an ambitious growth agenda to build 40,000 homes over 20 years and create a new Garden Village.
    Fereday Pollard with Annie Lennox, David Cunningham and Bridget Sawyers will be developing principles for the design and management of a key radial route connecting new Garden Communities with the town centre.