Carbuncle Cup

  • Broadgate Tower

    Who will get the wooden spoon in BD’s Carbuncle Cup this year?


    BD’s Carbuncle Cup is to the Stirling Prize what the Razzies are to the Oscars. So while the RIBA searches for architecture’s most sublime, we uncover its most reviled. Here’s the 2008 shortlist chosen from your nominations

  • Middlesbrough College: Cutting edge architecture or an eyesore?

    Carbuncle Cup 2008 – last chance to nominate!


    With just three more days until the floodgates close on this year’s Carbuncle Cup nominations, it’s time to name and shame your local eyesore.

  • Who will be shortlisted for the Carbuncle Cup this year?

    Carbuncle Cup 2008: The latest nominations


    Manchester Civil Justice centre could become the marmite of modern architecture in October after notching a double-whammy nomination for both the Stirling Prize and Building Design’s Carbuncle Cup.

  • Walton Street Car Park in Aylesbury

    The Carbuncle Cup 2008: Your nominations


    With only three weeks left to nominate your most hated building in the UK, it’s time to put on your protective goggles and pore the streets for that most celebrated monstrosity and deserved winner of BD’s third Carbuncle Cup.

  • News

    Calling all carbuncles


    This year’s award for the most hideous buildings in the country — the Carbuncle Cup — is now calling for entries.

  • Anna Ford

    Carbuncle queen


    Former newsreader Anna Ford (pictured), who chaired this week’s London Architecture Festival debate on Prince Charles, was struggling to retain that famous objectivity, Boots was amused to see.

  • Illustration

    Tesco will be our carbuncle


    Thank you for highlighting the activities of Cabe over Tesco’s proposed store in Hadleigh, Suffolk (News June 6).

  • Amanda Baillieu

    Carbuncles are planning’s shame


    To judge by the number of comments that have flooded in since we announced the finalists in BD’s annual Carbuncle Cup, the award has touched a nerve. Almost 400 of you voted, and more have commented on the shortlist. We make no claim to have done a thorough assessment of ...

  • Opal Court, Leicester, Stephen George & Partners

    Scars, blots and eyesores


    On the eve of the Stirling Prize for best building of the year, we asked you to nominate the UK’s worst buildings for BD’s Carbuncle Cup. Nearly 400 of you took part in our poll to pick the winner, reports Zoë Blackler

  • Allford Hall Monaghan Morris' KX200

    Carbuncle Cup shortlist revealed


    Seven buildings are on the shortlist for BD’s Carbuncle Cup for worst building of the year