Rockwool has launched NyRock technology, labelled the lowest lambda stone wool insulation available in the UK.

A direct response to growing pressures on the built environment to deliver more thermally efficient buildings, NyRock aims to offer improved thermal performance while maintaining non-combustibility and acoustic capabilities.

According to the manufacturers, NyRock has a more efficient fibre structure that can deliver thermal conductivity as low as 0.032 W/mK. This means that U-values can be met with comparatively thinner constructions, which in the case of external wall applications, creates the potential for additional interior floor space over a given building footprint.

Alongside its improved thermal efficiency, NyRock delivers all the benefits of stone wool insulation including durability and the ability to be recycled indefinitely.

Made of naturally non-combustible volcanic rock, solutions powered by NyRock technology achieve Euroclass A1 and can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C.


Through a patented production process, NyRock technology claims to deliver:

  • Lower lambda for thinner walls
  • Highest thermal performance currently available from a stone wool product
  • Non-combustibility
  • All the key benefits of the strengths of stone

Paul Barrett, head of product management at Rockwool UK, commented: “To limit the impact of climate change and support the delivery of net zero carbon in the UK by 2050, it’s the responsibility of manufacturers like ourselves to go further, re-inventing and improving on existing solutions. NyRock technology does just that.

“Whether specifiers need a solution to the lower U-values of England’s new Approved Document L that also maximises floor space, or a non-combustible option for a high-rise property with enhanced thermal and acoustic performance, NyRock technology’s industry-leading lambda value for stone wool and ability to reduce the thickness of a construction element support those requirements.”

NyRock technology will be rolled out across a range of Rockwool insulation solutions during 2022.

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