An architect-designed mobile sauna is set to take over Europe following success in Scandinavia.

Founded in 2019, a Dano-Swedish couple saw the opportunity for a new market as most countries require a building permit to assemble a sauna.

Over the past three years, the couple’s Denmark-based business has ventured into Scandinavia and Japan, but now the mobile saunas are extending their presence to the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

“As an architect, it’s in my power to design saunas that not only fulfil the technical requirements, such as heat distribution and multi-level seating, but also deliver comfort and a design imbued with materials and aesthetics that honour nature and our Scandinavian design heritage,” explained Jakob Gate, architect and founder of Scandinavian Sauna.

Scandinavian Sauna credit Jakob Gate 1

Source: Jakob Gate

Denmark-based Scandinavian Sauna has proven popular in both Scandinavia and Japan

The team offer standard designs, as well as a bespoke custom-made service. The smallest and lightest model fits into most gardens at 2.2 x 2m, while the mid-size sauna includes a compact changing area and corner seating, and the largest offers an extended changing area and spacious corner seating which can comfortably fit eight people.

“We have dedicated countless hours studying the anatomy and details of saunas, aiming to optimize the design for the best possible technical and design effect. We never produce in bulk. Every sauna is meticulously constructed, and we continuously evolve our approach with every project to update and refine our design. It’s like the auto industry, where they update the design every year. Except we have the opportunity to update our design with every model,” added Gate.

According to the manufacturer, the saunas are delivered fully assembled and ready to use minutes after delivery. As standard, the following range of equipment is included:

  • EU-Type approved galvanised trailer
  • Fully insulated walls, floor and ceiling clad with Scandinavian spruce timber
  • Metal roof with 60 years warranty
  • CE-marked Finnish wood-burner oven
  • Panorama window made from tempered glass
  • Hidden adjustable ventilation system
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Exterior key lock-box with code

With a 50% increase in revenue year-on-year, the company’s growth demonstrates the market’s readiness for mobile saunas.

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