Leading UK ceiling manufacturers Zentia are proud to launch Sonify, a pioneering discontinuous acoustic ceiling solution that embraces the principles of parametric design, allowing architects to unleash their creativity and put their personal stamp on every project.

Sonify 3D Studio offers a seamless specification experience for architects and allows Zentia to deliver high-performance acoustic ceiling solutions at scale, with unrivalled accuracy and lead times.

Zentia Sonify 5

Design complex baffles configurations in Sonify 3D Studio

With Sonify 3D Studio, designing discontinuous suspended ceilings becomes a simple, risk-free process. Architects can create complex canopy and baffle configurations, and play with colour across canopy and baffle panels, as well as the suspended ceiling grid.

Personalised ceiling designs created in Sonify 3D Studio can be integrated into existing digital workflows and can be downloaded as Revit files, while each design is assigned a Project ID for full traceability to support The Golden Thread of Information.

Zentia Sonify 1

Use Sonify 3D Studio to play with light, shapes and colours

Sonify 3D Studio also creates a bill of materials, with the ceiling system delivered on-site as a ready-to-assemble ‘kit of parts’.

With every Sonify ceiling design based on Zentia’s unique Sonify Create grid, these canopy and baffle ceilings can be installed with unrivalled speed, precision and accuracy – up to 50% faster than equivalent systems using wire hangers.

Zentia Sonify 2

Visualise creative acoustic ceiling installations with Sonify 3D Studio

John Spicer, Head of New Product Development at Zentia, has been instrumental in Sonify’s development. He comments: “Sonify 3D Studio is an inspiring digital design tool that embraces the principles of parametric design to give architects the opportunity to create personalised acoustic ceilings quickly and easily.

“Sonify 3D Studio enables architects to create highly aesthetic ceiling designs while preserving the Golden Thread of Information throughout their project, from initial concept right through to build.”

To learn more about Sonify by Zentia visit the Zentia website here.