The scheme covers a 60 acre site in Northfleet adjacent to the Thames

stadium-plans 2

Source: Northfleet Harbourside

How the stadium might look

UN Studio’s plans for the construction of a football stadium and 3,500 homes on brownfield land in Kent have won outline approval from Gravesham borough council.

Ebbsfleet United FC’s proposal for an 8,000-capacity stadium, along with residential buildings, covers 50 acres of land in Northfleet, including the site of the club’s current Kuflink Stadium.

UN Studio are the masterplanners and stadium concept architects, while C+W O’Brien Architects and HLM are working on the residential and commercial elements respectively. 

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Source: Northfleet Harbourside

A masterplan of the proposed development

The plan received 330 letters of support and 61 objections, with some expressing concerns about the loss of a local wharf. The Northfleet Harbourside development will feature various amenities, including a hotel, retail outlets, sports facilities, medical services, and community venues. Additionally, roads in the area will be realigned.

The new stadium is expected to nearly double the capacity of Ebbsfleet United’s current ground. Damian Irvine, the club’s chief executive, stated, “When this project was conceived it was with genuine passion for a project that Gravesham Borough can be proud of.”

The proposal involves relocating Robin’s Wharf, which has raised concerns among stakeholders. The Port of London authority highlighted the wharf’s significance to the port.


Source: Northfleet Harbourside

A visualisation of how the proposed Marketplace scheme might look

Construction on the stadium is scheduled to commence in September, with completion expected by August 2026. The entire development project is anticipated to be finished within a decade.

The Northfleet Harbourside development aims to revitalise the area, offering new homes, amenities, and job opportunities. A consortium of international investors is financing the project.

Plans for the detailed phases of the project will be finalised in collaboration with Gravesham Borough Council.


Source: Northfleet Harbourside

A visualisation of how the proposed scheme might look