Bookshops for specialist museum retailer adopt common language in locations that include the Colosseum

Milan-based practice Migliore and Servetto has unveiled a new bookshop within Rome’s Archaeological Park. The project is the fourth store for specialist museum retailer, Electa. 

Each store possesses distinct color variations, to provide a distinct identity: Colosseum First Gallery employs sulphurous yellow, Colosseum Second Gallery features scarlet red, San Gregorio al Palatino opts for green celadon, and Clivo Palatino uses yellow cadmium.

The Clivo Palatino store, the most recent addition, occupies a newly constructed lower volume with a prominent ribbon window overlooking the Archaeological Park. Migliore and Servetto devised specific bases beneath the windows and deployed mobile towers to ensure adaptable display arrangements.

The practice developed a concept that aims to foster interaction between visitors and the architectural backdrop of each store. Key design elements that are common across the locations include an ultra-light furniture system, characterised by light hues and transparent micro-perforated metal sheeting.

The retail spaces are structured around five core elements: wall display units for distinct product categories, wall focus units for specific products or themes, double-sided central units defining pathways, thematic islands showcasing themes, and checkout units for customer assistance.

To maintain a coherent layout and emphasise different sections within the retail space, the format integrates full-height graphic fields, functioning as backdrop furniture, designed by Studio Sonnoli. The display areas are designed to be reminiscent of cabinets of curiosities. 

The redesign of the Electa bookshop in Rome follows the renewal of the Electa bookshop at the Venice Biennale spaces (Cà Giustinian and Corderie), inaugurated during the 59th International Art Exhibition. Additionally, a temporary store was established at the Lido for the 79th edition of the International Film Festival.