The bright timber-framed café, commissioned by Haringey Council, aims to encourage people to use the park year-round 

Designed by Jan Kattein Archtiects for Haringey Council, Ducketts Common’s new park café has completed in Wood Green, east London. 

The project was developed over the last four years to reflect the needs of local residents, the café operator, the council and the Common itself.

Haringey Council’s goal for the café is to encourage people to spend time in the park all year round.

The addition of an internal seating area allows people to enjoy the park even in poor weather, while a full drainage connection allows the café to serve a food menu and offer an accessible toilet.

As the business thrives, this part of the park also feels busier and better overlooked

The structure’s external timber framework allows shadows to play across its rendered walls through the day, helping it to sit lightly among the mature plane trees. It is sited carefully to avoid their roots while ensuring that the compact kitchen and seating area overlooks the park’s entrances.

Internally, the timber structure is exposed and runs around the edge of the seating area, reinforcing the connection to nature alongside a wide-opening window.

Internal and external serving hatches allow the kitchen to operate flexibly with minimal staffing.

An illuminated orb on the café roof reflects its branding (Roj means ‘sun’ in the operator’s native Kurdish). As well as giving the business visibility, its gentle glow helps this corner of the park feel safer on dark winter evenings.

As the business thrives, this part of the park also feels busier and better overlooked, reducing the perceived risks of crime.

Project details

Architect Jan Kattein Architects
Client Haringey Council
Structural engineer engineersHRW
MEP consultant Ithaca7
Contractor Cosmur Construction Ltd