The Japanese PM was there to open the culmination of a 30-year regeneration project

A new district in the heart of Tokyo designed by Heatherwick Studio opens this week following a 30-year regeneration project. 

The official opening of the Azabudai Hills was attended by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

The 8ha district which includes residential buildings, retail spaces, a school, two temples, art galleries, offices and restaurants, marks the completion of a 30-year regeneration process by Mori Building Co.

Extensive public gardens include a central square and a striking event space called The Cloud, with green space accounting for approximately a third of the district’s footprint.

“We were inspired to create a district that connects with people’s emotions in a different way,” Thomas Heatherwick, founder of Heatherwick Studio, said.

“By combining cultural and social facilities with an extraordinary three-dimensional, explorable, landscape, it’s been possible to offer visitors and the local community somewhere to connect with each other and enjoy open green public spaces.” 

Mori Building co-worked with 300 residents and businesses during the regeneration, 90% of whom have chosen to return to the new district.

As part of the development, Heatherwick Studio has its first school, The British School of Tokyo, which at 15,000 sqm, is the largest international school in the city. 

An estimated 30m people will visit the new district every year.