42-storey block will have lifts to transport supercars to penthouses

United Arab Emirates developer Binghatti has unveiled a partnership with French luxury carmaker Bugatti that will create a 42-storey residential development in Dubai bearing the automotive legend’s name and containing lifts to transport vehicles from the building’s garages to penthouses.

Bugatti said the proposals were “enthused by the style and grace of the French Riviera” and that the building’s “hyper form” would feature “meticulously-curated layouts” for each floor offering “captivating and unobstructed views” of Dubai.

No architecture practice was linked with the launch of the development project. Bugatti describes the structure’s architecture as being “by Binghatti”, whose chief executive officer Muhammad BinGhatti is also head of architecture at Binghatti Holding.

The tower, which is named “Bugatti Residences” is billed as providing 171 “Riviera Mansions” and 11 “Sky Mansion Penthouses”. The block will feature two garage-to-penthouse car lifts, as well as a Riviera-inspired beach, a private pool, jacuzzi spa, fitness club, chef’s table, private valet, and private members club.

Bugatti said the development drew on the rich and diverse creative heritage of the firm and that of Binghatti.


Bugatti Residences by Binghatti

“The Bugatti and Binghatti collaboration project has at its nucleus a meticulously designed structure featuring a distinctive façade complemented by intricately designed interiors,” the automaker said.

“With its serene undertones, the hyper-form will juxtapose the city’s bustling energy – a retreat in the heart of the metropolis.”

In a short promotional film about the project, Muhammad BinGhatti said there were synergies between his company, which is one of the largest property-development firms in the UAE, and Bugatti.


“You see brands like Bugatti redefining the whole automotive industry through a very clear brand philosophy, through iconic design, through unparalleled and unprecedented performance, and I think that’s exactly what Binghatti is trying to achieve in the real-estate industry,” he said.

“The collaboration with a brand like Bugatti offers the ultimate opportunity to see how far ahead we can get in an industry like real estate by taking inspiration and learning from leading brands.”

BinGhatti added that it had been “very important” for his firm to “build something that is completely incomparable with all the surroundings”.