‘Improve people’s lives by improving the built environment,’ president says

The RIBA has said the next government needs to confirm the status of EU nationals working in the UK as quickly as possible.

In its election manifesto published today, the RIBA said the government needed to ensure the existing mutual professional recognition agreement with the EU is maintained as part of the Brexit negotiations.

And it added that it needed to set up new agreements with other key trading nations including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

RIBA president Jane Duncan said: “Whoever forms the next UK government must recognise the strength and importance of our global cultural links and influence, and continue to support us by safeguarding our ability to attract the brightest and best talent from around the world, as well as ensuring post Brexit that architects practising in the UK are in an environment where they can thrive.”

Other proposals include handing powers on housing and planning to regional and Metro mayors so cities and regions can deliver more.

It said that many more good quality homes needed to be built in the coming years while schools had to be better designed to ensure better spaces for learning.

Duncan added: “Our political leaders recognise the need to improve quality of life across the country; they can start by supporting a better built environment.”

The eight-page manifesto can be viewed here.