Patel Taylor has completed a curving 28-storey block of flats beside the Thames at Battersea.

Lombard Wharf, a few doors down from London heliport, contains 134 flats with one, two and three bedrooms for Barratt London.

It has a teardrop-shaped plan and appears to twist as it rises because the position of each precast concrete balcony is slightly offset.

Patel Taylor director Pankaj Patel said the white tower was built from repeating modules but appeared to be carved from stone.

The wraparound balconies are designed to rotate by two degrees, maximising views from the flats.

The project has opened up a previously impermeable section of the river path by unblocking two arches in the adjacent railway bridge. One now contains workshop space but the towpath now flows through the other.

Planning permission exists for a new pedestrian route over the river here, the Diamond Jubilee Bridge designed by local practice One World Design.