Hounslow councillors resolve to grant permission for 50m-tall LED shroud

Make has secured planning permission for its ‘Octopus’ scheme at Chiswick Roundabout in London, with proposals for a 50m-tall building cloaked in an LED shroud.

The shroud around the 5,000sq m office building will show adverts and public art. Hounslow councillors overruled officers’ advice that the scheme should be refused permission because of concerns about the visual impact of the proposals.

Design Council Cabe gave cautious backing to the proposals. “The compelling idea of commercial office building and advertising in a sculptural form could create a memorable west London landmark,” it said.

Councillors agreed a resolution to grant planning permission, meaning consent is dependent on planning obligations being agreed.

London & Bath Estates and Galliard Homes are developing the project, which includes a retail showroom at ground level and a rooftop garden and public viewing gallery.

Kim Gottlieb, managing director at London & Bath Estates said: “When one of the Councillors said ‘it’s bold, it’s brash, it’s in your face’ I thought thank goodness someone’s got it.  This is meant to be a 24 hour, modern, vibrant, top three world capital city.  Let’s give it the architecture it deserves.”

Sean Affleck, partner at Make added: “We think this brave and innovative architecture will be a great addition to this gateway site.“