Scheme designed by Max Architects aims to make the playground financially self-sufficient 

Max architects slade garden community hub [2]

Max Architects has won planning approval for a new community hub at a playground in Stockwell, south London.

Slade Gardens Adventure Playground has been run by a community association for the last 18 years. It was asked by Lambeth council to come up with a scheme with a view to gaining an asset transfer of the land to enable the playground to be independently operated and financially self-sufficient.

Max architects slade garden community hub [3]

The new hub, which is designed to look like it is emerging from the landscape, will provide a multi-functional space and a café to help generate revenue. 

It uses exposed concrete construction, timber and rammed earth walls and has an accessible green roof.

The scheme also includes the development of a single house containing two maisonettes, which will be sold and the proceeds invested into the hub project.

Max Titchmarsh, founding director of Max Architects, said the scheme would provide the “permanent roots that the adventure playground requires to resist any future development pressures”.

Max architects slade garden community hub [1]