Scheme includes roof terrace, cafe and shop

Foster & Partners’ visitor centre for Apple in Cupertino, California, has opened to the public.

Created to be a public gateway to the precinct, it features a large roof terrace that provides a rare glimpse into Apple Park.

The glass building is set within a grove of olive trees and has a cantilevered timber roof that provides covered outdoor seating areas.

The architect said several elements within the centre replicate those within the main building to give people a taste of the precision detailing at Apple Park, including quartz-clad staircases. 

It contains a large-scale model of Apple Park which has been designed to appear suspended in mid-air within the centre and has been milled and finished by the same machines that create Apple products.

The $5bn Apple Park is the main headquarters of the tech giant and was also designed by Foster & Partners. Nicknamed the Spaceship, the building opened this spring and will be home to 2,000 employees.