Combining centuries-old knowledge, the company hopes to provide a healthier alternative to traditional plaster


Source: Edmund Sumner

Clayworks produces toxin-absorbing clay plasters

Manufactured in Cornwall, Clayworks clay plasters are produced from blends of unfired clays mixed with minerals and pigments to provide breathable finishes for internal walls and ceilings.

According to the manufacturer, the plasters are amongst the most low carbon and healthy wall finishes available. 

Made from naturally abundant raw materials, they are said to be reusable, recyclable, and compostable – containing no toxic ingredients, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or synthetics.

The company was founded by Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce, who sought to explore the use of natural materials in architecture, particularly earth, as mediums to foster a balance in building that is healthy for the environment and the user – while beautiful in its design.

Combining centuries-old knowledge of earth architecture with science and experimentation, the team create and deliver ready-mix clay plaster and natural wall finishes for all types of projects.

The product has been specified by architects both in the UK and internationally and the team are assured of the material’s high performance, which is said to regulate relative humidity naturally and allow buildings to breathe while absorbing toxins, odours and sound.

The clay plasters aim to provide a unique aesthetic with a depth of colour, tone and texture dissimilar to conventional wall finishes. The collection includes 88 mineral pigment colours across four textural finishes.

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