The range includes flat and curved glass options to provide optimal daylight solutions

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New Generation glass rooflights by VELUX

Roof window manufacturer VELUX has launched new sizes and solar-powered variants of its new generation of glass rooflights.

Originally launching last year, the range includes flat and curved glass options to provide optimal daylight solutions. Even with blinds installed, the manufacturer claims you can enjoy 52% more daylight.

Larger sizes have now been added to the glass rooflight range – 200x100, 150x100 and 150x150 cm.

New accessories in the new sizes are also available, including blackout blinds, anti-heat blinds and insect screens – helping to control unwanted heat and light in one complete solution.

The curved glass design on the curved glass rooflight allows rainwater to drain off the surface – even on a 0° roof pitch - whilst the flat glass rooflight is suitable for roofs with a pitch of 2°-15°.

The glass rooflights come with a pre-paired wall switch for easy operation and can also be controlled via your smart phone with VELUX App Control.

During rainfall, the rain sensor will automatically close the rooflight and solar-powered blinds can offer shade from the sun.

Designed to elevate the aesthetics of any project, the product also claims to offer exceptional quality, providing installers with peace of mind when fitting it along with a range of installation features.

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