CornWall is a wall finishing material crafted from plant-based biomass, which hopes to provide an alternative for ceramic wall cladding or other less sustainable composite materials


Source: StoneCycling

The material is sourced primarily from the cores of regional (Western Europe) corn cobs

Produced by StoneCycling in collaboration with Circular Matters, CornWall is a wall finishing material crafted from plant-based biomass.

Sourced primarily from the cores of regional (western Europe) corn cobs, this organic waste is widely available and usually destined for fermentation, burning as biomass or remaining on the field.

According to the manufacturer, as the CO2 — absorbed by the biomas of the corn cobs during growth — is not naturally broken down or burned and thus retained for longer, CornWall stores more CO2 than is emitted during production.

The product will be supplied with a demountable anchoring system and is said to be an alternative for ceramic wall cladding or other less sustainable composite materials such as High Pressure Laminte (HPL). The product is not glued and can be removed from the interior if needed — allowing for reuse.

The manufacturer provides the upcycled product with bio-coating, which they claim makes it moisture-repellent — with various colours created by adding pigments. 

The application includes vertical wall finishing for the interior, such as walls, backsplashes of bars and hotel rooms, and panelling. According to the design team, the product is firm and durable, comparable to HPL and hardwood, but thinner. Dimensions are also said to be tight, making it suitable for CNC milling.

Circular Matters (based in Antwerp) leverages the power of plants to create materials that replace fossil-based plastics and resins. The team have partnered with building materials specialist StoneCycling (based in Amsterdam) to accelerate the reach of their bio-based building materials.

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