After an unprecedented number of questions, we joined David Adams, Jamie Bursnell and Steven Heath for an extended question-and-answer session

At the end of last year, Assemble Media Group held a webinar on pioneering fabric as part of Net Zero Live, sponsored by Knauf Insulation. 

Speakers included David Adams from the Future Homes Hub, Jamie Bursnell from Bellway Homes and Neil Hargreaves from Knauf Insulation. The session proved popular and with a record number of questions from the audience, the panel agreed to meet again for an extended Q+A. Sadly, Hargreaves was unavailable so Steven Heath kindly agreed to step in on his behalf.

Chaired by specification editor, Hollie Tye, the session explored how new homes represent a canvas of opportunity for integrating low and zero carbon technologies, alongside the performance gap that threatens to undermine their success.

The panel answered our readers’ burning questions on the key specifications to achieve a net zero home, the crossover between specifying for wellbeing, considerations for installing heat pumps and whether a more proactive approach from government is needed to drive the ambition forward.