Successful candidates include John Assael and Patrick Lynch

RIBA has announced the list of members who have won seats on the 60 strong council.

All new RIBA Council members start work on September 1

RIBA Council elections 2017: Successful candidates

The Council members were elected using a single transferable vote. The candidates who reached the required quota and were therefore elected are:

National Council Members

·        Flora Samuel

·        John Assael

·        Jason Bill

·        Patrick Lynch

·        Simone de Gale

·        Yemi Aladerun

London Regional Council Members

·        Alia Beyg Javed

·        Christopher Hampson

·        Debbie Flevotomou

·        Indy Johar

·        Lanre Gbolade

·        Michael Martin

·        Stephanie Edwards

·        Wendy Charlton

International Council Members

·        Alice Asafu-Adjaye – Middle East and Africa

·        Catherine Davis – Americas

·        Roger Tsan-Sum Wu – Asia and Australasia

Abigail Patel was elected as a Student Member of Council

Regional Council Members

The following chartered members take uncontested seats:

·        Andrew Bourne – Wessex

·        Nick Mills – Wessex

·        Anthony Lloyd – West Midlands

·        Graham Devine – South West

·        John Wilde – South West

·        Kerr Robertson - Scotland South

Selasi Setufe takes the uncontested seat as Associate Member of Council