Nor has it felt more under threat, says the Bennetts director


Simon Erridge

Architecture’s social purpose has seldom felt more pertinent than during these current times, nor more under threat from its relative lack of recognition in the process of public procurement. Architects create social value through their unique breadth of skills where tangible and practical skills sit alongside the ability to engage and inspire through design leadership.

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Opportunities present themselves early in the life of a project – from the process of meaningful engagement in the early stages, to empowering people and communities through involvement in the design and construction process, and providing a measurable, tangible and practical response to the public outcry around the climate emergency.

There’s little doubt that design can positively influence people’s sense of identity and belonging, mental and physical wellbeing, connection with the past and hope for the future, but as long as these remain intangible and unrecognised factors we will continue to measure success on economic factors alone.