Architect submits plans for next tranche of Broadgate works

DSDHA's design for Exchange Square

DSDHA’s design for Exchange Square

Plans by DSDHA to significantly re-landscape Exchange Square in the Broadgate development have been submitted for planning.

The proposals are to increase the amount of green space fourfold and add a water feature.

Currently the 6,000sq m privately owned open space above Liverpool Street Station is mostly hard landscaping.

DSDHA_Exchange Square_Sun Street

DSDHA’s design for Exchange Square - Sun Street

What British Land is calling a “public park” will also contain a new restaurant unit and event space.

The architect has already completed public realm works at Broadgate Circle and elsewhere in the estate.

DSDHA’s design has tried to maximise opportunities for visitors to experience nature because of the health benefits.

DSDHA's design for Exchange Square - Central Space

DSDHA’s design for Exchange Square - Central Space

David Lockyer, head of Broadgate at British Land, said they had commissioned research showing that better-designed urban environments could improve personal wellbeing and reduce reliance on government services, potentially leading to a £15bn boost to the economy by 2050.

He added: “We’re excited about the opportunity to create a new park that will help improve people’s wellbeing and that can be enjoyed by all the community.”

Exchange Square, Broadgate, before DSDHA's re-landscaping

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Exchange Square, Broadgate, before DSDHA’s re-landscaping