With the Galleria fashion store in Seoul, South Korea, we used LED in a more playful way in collaboration with the architect UN Studio.

The store was not in a particularly desirable area, but it became a talking point and quite a landmark in itself after we covered the building in LEDs to create a giant display screen where each glass dichroic disc can be lit in any colour and controlled separately. This gives scope for the use of special colours and patterns for events such as sales, when they could write the word sale across the whole building in light, if desired.

During the night the store is lit from behind so that it appears to glow. We are also currently working with another major luxury brand on some of its Asian stores to create striking facade lighting.

There are other ways to stand out, such as through using colour or creating more interest in display areas such as shop windows. It’s important to make sure lighting is at natural levels by choosing the right types.