Firm says revenue was up 12% to £9.4 million last year

Brexit and the possibility of another referendum on Scottish independence could hold up schemes over the next couple of years, 3DReid has warned.

The firm, whose registered office is in Edinburgh, said worries facing the profession were “uncertainty over Brexit and a possible Scottish independence referendum, which will affect the industry’s appetite to take project risk and our clients’ ability to raise and sustain funding for developments”.

The practice, whose plans for the latest phase (pictured) of a housing scheme in Mill Hill, north London, were submitted recently, saw revenue climb just over £1 million to £9.4 million in the year to October 2016.

Pre-tax profits at the business, which has five offices in the UK, stayed flat at £473,000.

The number of staff at the business edged up to 122 from 114 sending it wages bill up 12% to £4.9 million.

The salary of the highest-paid director, who is not named, went up 6% to just under £114,000.