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  • A world without planning

    Don't plan for your future


    What would you build if there were no planners or building control to dictate the dos and don’ts of building?

  • House vs Home

    House vs Home


    I've been thinking about corners a lot lately.

  • plane house blog

    'Pre-fab' or 'Post-flap'


    Forget pre-fab, it seems the latest trend may be better off titled ‘post-flap’.

  • Blogs

    How to choose the right design?


    It's only a small project, but you've had a few ideas and can't decide which one to go with. Why not ask the internet?

  • Blogs

    Libeskind is optimistic, Ordos 100 and race in architecture


    It's always nice to hear some cheery words from a Starchitect, especially one who can stay optimistic about a $8.6 billion project when it hits trouble. So hats off to Libeskind. Elsewhere, race is back on the agenda, stimulus money is being spent and British architects are advised not ...