Oil and gas firm asks for sustainable HQ

Foster & Partners has unveiled plans for what would be the tallest building in Budapest.

The 28-storey tower and podium have been designed for MOL Group, an oil and gas company based in Hungary, allowing all their Budapest operations to come together in a single location.

The architect described the scheme as “a vision for the workplace of the future that places sustainability at the heart of the campus” and will use low- and zero-carbon energy sources, such as photovoltaics – despite MOL’s work with fossil fuels.

Its urban location means staff will be encouraged to walk or cycle to work.

The building will also have rainwater harvesting and storage facilities and plant-filled social spaces throughout the building, from atrium to the public roof garden.

Nigel Dancey, head of studio at Foster & Partners, said: “This is a landmark project for several reasons, not only for MOL but also for Budapest. It presents a unique challenge – to ensure that the building meets the functional needs of the organisation, follows the highest standards of sustainability, and is respectful of its historic surroundings.

“As we see the nature of the workplace changing to a more collaborative vision, we have combined two buildings – a tower and a podium – into a singular form, bound by nature.

“As the tower and the podium start to become one element, there is a sense of connectivity throughout the office spaces, with garden spaces linking each of the floors together.”