• James Morris
    Building Studies

    Curtain up, Act III


    Norwich Theatre Royal had been the victim of design crimes, but a revamp by Tim Foster Architects has brought the case to a stylish conclusion

  • The building has two public facades.
    Building Studies

    Adjaye’s new building at Rivington Place is an answer to his critics


    With an OBE and a place on last year’s Stirling shortlist David Adjaye has a level of fame that could be seen as disproportionate to his achievements. But his latest building, a base for two cultural organisations in east London, should help redress this imbalance.

  • Building Studies

    Stairway to heaven


    In this 2003 article from our archive, Ellis Woodman reviews the work of artist Mark Pimlott, the subject of this week’s building study. At La Scala, Aberystwyth, he found an architectural intervention that aimed to reanimate the sixties complex where it was sited

  • The relationship between the library and the Masonic Lodge.
    Building Studies

    Des Moines Library by David Chipperfield


    Ellis Woodman explores the enigmatic exteriors and lucid interiors of Chipperfield’s Des Moines Library