The new generation of buildings that meet 2050’s sustainability requirements

Biobuilds module

The family of modular Passive-certified houses by Biobuilds

Biobuilds has launched a zero-energy module, designed to save up to 90% of the energy consumption required for heating and cooling a conventional house.

The module meets the Passive House Standard, with an integrated solar kit that, according to the team, provides 1.6 to 2.2 times more electricity than the building needs.

Furthermore, it could save 200 tonnes of operational CO2 during the module’s lifetime and 30 tonnes of embodied CO2 during construction, due to the low energy consumption in the prefabrication stages. 

The module arrives ready to live in, with customers able to use an online configurator to specify the interior layout, HVAC equipment and interior and exterior finishes.

Made from 94% natural materials, the ventilation system replaces the air within the module every 120 minutes, in an attempt to combat the issue of poor indoor air quality. 

From heating and cooling to locking your home, light intensity and blind opening, everything can be configured from your phone.

It can also be mounted on almost any surface, can be moved to another location at any time and does not require a foundation. 

Modules come in various sizes, from 19 sq m to 96 sq m. No building permit is required (in certain countries) nor is connection to the grid, while the modules are available for order and delivery in Romania, France, Sweden and the UK.

The manufacturer said modules will be complete 30 days after ordering.

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