George Turner standing in Kate Hoey’s Vauxhall constituency

Shell Centre campaigner George Turner is hoping to become an MP in the June general election where he will be standing in the Vauxhall constituency held by Labour’s Kate Hoey.

Turner is representing the Liberal Democrats and admitted: “I have an almighty fight on my hands but it is a fight I believe we have to win and I will put everything I can into winning.”

Hoey, a leading campaigner to leave the EU, has held the seat since 1989 and two years ago retained it with a majority of close to 13,000 votes.

She polled more than half the votes cast with the Liberal Democrat candidate polling just under 7% of the vote.

Turner’s appeal to have the £1.2 billion Shell Centre development stopped was thrown out two years ago.

He claimed the scheme, masterplanned by Squire & Partners and with buildings designed by Stanton Williams, Grid, KPF and Patel Taylor, would cause serious harm to the capital’s heritage.