Scheme to complete in 2019

A fledgling Berlin practice set up two former OMA staffers has been given planning for a residential scheme in north London.

Neubau, which was established three years ago by Brigitta Lenz and Alexander Giarlis, has come up with plans for 28 apartments in Barnet.

The Tower Station project will replace a derelict former Esso petrol station and historic clock tower which had become a local landmark.


Neubau 2

Communal space and garden is at the back of the complex


The apartments will be arranged in cubic volumes, which the pair said will help to break down the overall mass of the building into smaller residential units, each six metres wide. The new building will have a new clock fitted at its top.

A communal space with pocket garden and planting, plus a vertical garden climbing the inner wall, will be created at the rear of the building with the flats also having their own winter gardens.

Work is due to be completed for County Tower Properties in 2019.