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  • Forbo flooring

    CPD 26 2013: Electrostatically flocked flooring


    Understanding how this durable floor covering is manufactured and classified will help architects specify it in the right commercial applications. This CPD module is sponsored by Forbo

  • Glasgow’s Silverburn shopping centre

    CPD 24 2013: Specifying entrance flooring systems


    A building’s entrance flooring system plays a key role, and it is vital to understand how to specify to meet the demands of legislation and provide efficiency and visual appeal. This CPD module is sponsored by Forbo

  • BIM

    CPD 21 2013: Putting bim into practice


    Implementing bim goes beyond technology change, requiring design processes and roles to be rewritten. This article charts the experiences of a practice using bim on a healthcare project. This CPD module is sponsored by Vectorworks

  • Student accommodation at Leeds University

    CPD 19 2013: Vacuum-insulated panels


    The insulation of buildings has long been a concern, and the technology has continually evolved. This article focuses on a new insulation technology: vacuum-insulated panels. This module is sponsored by Kingspan Insulation.

  • Finsbury Circus in the City of London

    CPD 16 2013: Safety rules for automatic doors


    A new European standard for automatic doors builds on existing guidelines to ensure that specifiers and installers can minimise any danger to door users. This CPD module is sponsored by GEZE UK

  • Yorkshire Dales

    CPD 14 2013: Sustainable paint specification


    When specifying paint, architects must be aware of the sustainability issues around its manufacture and use, as well as the steps being taken to improve its environmental performance. This CPD module is sponsored by Dulux Trade

  • Linoleum

    CPD 12 2013: Specifying linoleum flooring


    Durability, sustainability, bacteria resistance and ease of installation are just some of the benefits of linoleum, a natural product that can be used on floors, as well as on furniture and walls

  • Kalzip

    CPD 8 2013: Rainscreen cladding


    Rainscreen cladding, which employs an inner and outer leaf to create a seal against moisture, has been in use for decades. But modern systems offer a more flexible, lightweight protection. This CPD module is sponsored by Kalzip

  • CPD: Phase-change materials

    CPD 1 2013: Phase-change materials


    The energy storage and release properties of phase-change materials allow their use to improve the thermal performance and energy consumption of a even lightweight structures. This CPD module is sponsored by Armstrong

  • Bowater's System10

    CPD 19 2012: Specifying aluminium curtain walling


    Modern curtain walling comes in a range far greater than its 19th century equivalent, which is why many factors must be considered when choosing, designing and installing it. This CPD module is sponsored by Bowater

  • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts.

    CPD 18 2012: Polycarbonate window & wall systems


    Polycarbonate panels offer the advantages of thermal performance, strength and aesthetic appeal, making them suitable for use in glazing, cladding and roofing. This CPD module is sponsored by Rodeca

  • AWW Architects’ South Bristol Skills Academy.

    CPD 17 2012: Bim and the challenge facing manufacturers


    Building information modelling is now starting to make dramatic changes to the process of construction. In response, the role of manufacturers is evolving to ensure continuity throughout the life of the design. This CPD module is sponsored by Kalzip

  • Karndean

    CPD 14 2012: Magnetic vinyl flooring tiles in the hospitality and retail sectors


    Vinyl floor tiles provide a durable surface that can replicate the appearance of natural materials — and new technology means they don’t even need to be glued in place. This CPD module is sponsored by Karndean Designflooring

  • Clissold Leisure Centre

    CPD 12 2012: Professional indemnity insurance for architects


    In a litigious society in which design responsibility extends beyond retirement, architects need to be well versed in the complexities of professional indemnity insurance. This CPD module is sponsored by Building Design Insurance Bureau

  • Bedford Girls’ School

    CPD 2012 Module 9: Vinyl floor tiles in education projects


    Vinyl floor tiles provide a durable and easy-to-install surface that can replicate the appearance of natural materials, making them particularly suitable for education projects. This CPD module is sponsored by Karndean Designflooring

  • Colour and contrast

    CPD 2012 Module 8: Guide to colour and contrast


    Colour is a vital part of interior design but is subjective and hard to define. But for the visually impaired, colour and contrast can be critical to accessibility and are subject to strict regulations. This CPD module is sponsored by Dulux Trade

  • Ceiling and wall-mounted canopies have modified reverberation times to reduce noise levels in the Great Hall of the grade II listed Bishopsgate Institute in London.

    CPD 2012 Module 6: Acoustic ceilings in schools


    A variety of passive and active acoustic strategies are employed in educational buildings to control sound levels and reverberation and provide an optimal teaching environment. This CPD module is sponsored by Armstrong Ceilings

  • At Stirling High School, completed in 2008, JM Architects specified Sika Sarnafil’s single-ply roofing membrane.

    CPD 2012 Module 4: Specifying single-ply membranes for flat roofs


    The use of single-ply waterproof membranes in the construction of flat roofs requires knowledge of different roof constructions and a familiarity with the different membrane types. This CPD module is sponsored by Sika Sarnafil

  • Bim enables the design team to work together to model every detail of a building. This model of KPF’s Pinnacle building in London was created using Tekla’s bim software.

    CPD 2012 Module 3: Introduction to bim


    Building information modelling allows the whole team to work together on an integrated model that tracks the life of the building from design to eventual demolition. This CPD module is sponsored by Karndean Designflooring How to take this module To take this module read ...

  • Ecobuild supplement

    CPD 2012 module 2: Specifying automatic doors


    The second in our series of CPD modules contains everything you need to know about specifying automatic doors.