But record number pay retention fee in time

The Arb has kicked 1,199 architects of the register after they failed to pay their retention fee by the New Year’s Eve deadline.

This is the lowest number for years after a concerted campaign by the Arb to remind people to pay in time.

Karen Holmes, new registrar and chief executive of the Arb

Karen Holmes, registrar and chief executive of the Arb

Arb registrar Karen Holmes said a record number of architects - 38,783 – paid the £107 annual fee in time this year. That represents 97% of those on the register.

Last year 1,200 people were struck from the list for non-payment and in 2016 it was nearly 1,500.

It costs £152 to be reinstated. Under the Architects Act, you must be registered with Arb to use the title architect.

Arb chair Nabila Zulfiqar claimed the fact that so many architects paid their 2018 fee on time “demonstrates that the profession holds its professional status in high regard”.

Nabila Zulfiqar

Arb chair Nabila Zulfiqar

The fee has been frozen at £107 for four years in a row.

Holmes said: “While we understand the frustration felt by those who are removed for non-payment, it is a necessary part of our role to maintain an accurate register.

“For those that wish to re-join the register, we endeavour to make the reinstatement process as straight-forward and efficient as possible. We will carefully consider any feedback we receive from architects with a view to making further improvements to the retention fee collection process for future years.”