Crafted to breathe life into your projects and transform outdoor living spaces

RYNO Contour_Seating

With a successful track record of over 30 years in leveraging outdoor spaces to create solutions that deliver the maximum return to owners, investors, and occupiers alike, RYNO is proud to announce 3 new systems that have been crafted to transform outdoor living.

The fully bespoke planter systems include:

- TerraSmart® Contour Bespoke Planter System, crafted for curves, waves, and radial designs.

- TerraSmart® Ledge Bespoke Planter System, designed for straight lines and angular corner details.

- TerraSmart® Ascent Bespoke Planter System, aptly named due to its backward leaning face, and suitable for layouts including straights, corners and curves.

RYNO Contour_Corten_Lighting_Hero

All three TerraSmart® Planter Systems feature panels that come in virtually any required size and provide complete design flexibility, by integrating seamlessly in any project and offering a range of finishes, from steel and metallic to classic colours and timber cladding, as well as a choice of components, from recessed and cantilever seating to hinged access doors that can be incorporated into the planter face, and recessed lighting strips that add a warm glow and bring the planters to life at night.

Each planter system offers a choice of fixing method to suit individual project requirements. Specifiers can select between the following:

- Baseboard Fix that provides seamless integrated support for the planter whilst minimising weight and providing a void for services underneath.

- Concrete Fix which utilizes a concrete parapet to secure the planter edge.

If you missed us at Clerkenwell Design Week, just drop into our Studio, see one of our planter systems live, discuss your project requirements and how our newly released systems can breathe life into your outdoor spaces, visit our website for more information, or call +44 203 967 3500.