i-models to Unlock the Value of Information Mobility

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How many headaches do you have sharing models and drawings with the right level of detail and precision for your AEC project participants? 

You can use i-models to exchange information throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure assets to:

  • Ensure that information flows easily, completely, and accurately between and within design, construction, and operations environments.
  • Share all component information, including business properties, geometry, graphics, and relationships in a format that is open, providing standard interfaces for business, engineering, construction, and operations applications from multiple vendors. 

The benefits are clear: 

  • Faster, relevant, accurate information access with all the details relevant for each stakeholder.
  • Better informed project stakeholders with all the available up-to-date information.
  • Lifecycle capture/reuse of information throughout design, construction and operations.

This whitepaper will help you understand how to satisfy the unique demands of infrastructure projects, addressing the Interoperability Challenge, and discuss concept of federation to enable interoperability and information mobility across project phases and project disciplines.