Tuesday22 August 2017

Chipperfield's Nobel Centre clears first planning hurdle

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Stockholm approves architect’s competition-winning design

David Chipperfield has won the first stage of planning for his Nobel Centre in Stockholm.

The city’s planning committee approved the detailed local plan for the building on a promontory in the heart of the Swedish capital and next to the National Museum.

The site proved controversial, with local campaigners objecting to the construction of a “giant colossus” on a delicate site requiring the demolition of a number of historic harbourside buildings and the relocation of ferries.

But the city brushed off the criticism, saying it had been saving the waterfront position site for a cultural project.

Work on detailed planning will now begin, with the full council expected to ratify its planning committee’s decision later this spring.

Once any appeals have been dealt with, if the project gets the all-clear construction is expected to take about two years.

“We are pleased with the support that the city is showing for the building we have developed together with one of the world’s foremost architects,” said Susanne Lindh, chief executive of Nobelhuset, a company set up by the Nobel Foundation to build and run the centre.

“The public nature of the building – with its unique exhibitions, extensive activities for school children as well as meeting and lecture programmes – will be an asset for all of Stockholm and Sweden.”

Chipperfield beat two Swedish practices, Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor and Wingårdh Arkitektkontor, to land the project two years ago after an international design competition. The project is being led by David Chipperfield Architects’ Berlin-based managing director Christoph Felger.


Readers' comments (16)

  • You have not report that more than 10.000 people are against this building and now will and can the appeal process start to stop the building permits. The criticism is that they have to demolding an old custom house from the end of 1800. The building will be too dominated in the public room concerning to the existing buildings. Last the building will stop future expansion of the National museum.
    A. Nilsson

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  • The City Council still has to say yes or no. This was just the planning committee. The City Council must also say yes or no. Around 30 consultative bodies say no to the project among them the Swedish National Heritage Board and The National Property Board of Sweden. Five political parties say no but the majority (the Conservative party (M) and the socialists) has accepted the plan. The case will no doubt be settled in court.
    Please see video in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpigW2zkZKA

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  • PS note that Susanne Lindh CEO of construction Co Nobelhuset AB was the former CEO of the Stockholm City Planning Office and headhunted for CEO of the construction Co while the case was pending in the Planning Office. So the "support that the city is showing for the building" is not that surprising ;-)

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  • Please stop the Nobel Prize Concern´s demolition of the Blasieholmen peninsula and the maritime cultural heritage in Stockholm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpigW2zkZKA

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  • Clichy

    Chipperfield has form for ignoring heritage. Hopefully this time he will be stopped in his ignorance.
    I have always found Chipperfield ignorant and arrogant in his designs - I hope this arrogant and inept scheme will be rejected.

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  • Stockholm and Sweden have had peace for more than 200 years. But the war against our historical capital city is now ongoing supported with Mr. Chipperfields " golden nuclear power station box", including destroyment of a beautiul building from 1876. We don"t need a war in Sweden do destroy our old buildings unfortunatelly. We have the "noble" Nobel Committee to do this against us and our "Venice of the North".

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  • This looks like Goldmembers lair

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  • SomeoneStoleMyNick

    Thanks to all the Swedish colleagues for providing some balance to the BD article. This bombastic project by an Establishment architect seems completely unnecessary. I suspect there are some Nobel Prize administrators strutting around all puffed up, beating their chests, and congratulating themselves on how important they are. That, at least, is the message of this building. Very un-Swedish.

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  • The Chipperfield monumental box is not what we need by the water in the center of Stockholm. We need our history and our old buildings for Stockholm to stay a beautiful town - one the most beautiful capitol cities in the world. This box will destroy it all!

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  • SomeoneStoleMyNick

    The YouTube video (see link above )is very good and it's interesting to see how Stockholm's planners are just as malleable as they are in the UK. And Jesus Christ, what a horrible building! And it's YELLOW! Or even GOLD!

    As the video says, there's a big commercial developer behind this. It seems to be yet another iteration of their old trick:

    STEP 1.

    Greedy developers and easy-to-manipulate politicians, keen to start building big and high on the Stockholm waterfront, agree that to open up this process a "prestige" building is needed that goes as high as possible and is so internationally "classy" that few will dare to challenge their decisions.

    STEP 2. Bring in a supposedly prestigious international architect, whose reputation is so great that the local architects won't be able to protest and who is outside local politics (and knows nothing about them). Pay him lots of money.

    STEP 3.

    Get the archistar to design as big a building as possible. Then silence the protesters by offering a modified version. Buy some of them off by offering them sweeteners.

    STEP 4.

    Build the building and make a great fuss about how wonderful it is. Then over the next few years, start giving planning permission for the flood of other developments that will follow.

    END (or beginning) OF STORY

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