Architecture CPD

Gain your architecture CPD points with BD by completing CPD modules online. Each module below contains a full technical article followed by a link to a multiple-choice questionnaire. All are fully CPD accredited for architects.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Eurocentral printing facility in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

CPD 19 2014: Software-as-a-service and construction

2 September 2014

As collaboration software takes on an ever more important role in construction, leasing arrangements are gaining popularity. This module, sponsored by 4Projects by Viewpoint, outlines the key considerations

Leeds Arena

CPD 18 2014: Specifying retractable seating

1 September 2014

Retractable seating systems are tiers of seating that fold away into a space the depth of a single row. Our latest CPD module, sponsored by Audience Systems, will examine the different systems available and the key factors that specifiers should consider

Vectorworks BIM software was implemented during the planning of Moorlands College in Christchurch multi-use teaching and community spaces

CPD 17 2014: BIM for small practices

27 August 2014

As of 2016, all centrally procured government construction projects must implement level 2 BIM. Our latest CPD module, sponsored by Vectorworks, defines levels of BIM

These houses in Berwick-upon-Tweed have been externally insulated and then finished with a basecoat, Tonachino protective coating and topcoat from Mapei’s Silancolor range

CPD 16 2014: Render-protected external wall insulation

16 July 2014

EWI systems are an effective means of improving a building’s thermal efficiency. Our latest CPD module, sponsored by Mapei, examines the types of system available, as well as colours, finishes and the relevant standards

Birmingham Library

CPD 15 2014: Specifying sustainable paints

10 July 2014

Paint systems can have a major impact on the environmental performance of a project. Our latest CPD module, sponsored by Johnstone’s Trade, outlines the key factors that specifiers need to consider

OSB3 is suited to applications that are exposed to humid conditions, such as roofing

CPD 13 2014: Specifying oriented strand board

30 May 2014

The latest in our CPD series examines the applications and benefits of OSB wood-based panels, as well as the various standards governing their use. This module is sponsored by Coillte

4Projects by Viewpoint was used as a collaboration tool on the Olympic stadium, linking up more than 60,000 project documents and more than 100 organisations

CPD 14 2014: BIM - collaboration and the common data environment

6 June 2014

The latest in our CPD series examines the data-sharing requirements of BIM projects, and the various online tools that can help to meet them. This module is sponsored by 4Projects by Viewpoint

Icopal’s Eco-Activ Noxite membrane was installed on 320m2 of roof at Copenhagen airport in Denmark, as part of the airport’s commitment to maintaining a clean environment in the local area

CPD 12 2014: Reducing NOx air pollution

23 May 2014

Across Europe, levels of air pollution remain unacceptably high. This CPD module, sponsored by Icopal, examines air quality targets and the role that building designers can play in hitting them


What are CPDs?
Continuing Professional Development is a commitment by RICS members to continue learning new skills and updating their knowledge of the industry.
By allocating 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to each module on the programme you can get those vital points that will help you to fulfil your yearly CPD requirements of over 20 hours.

Where will they feature?
Regular modules will feature in print and online at www.bdonline.co.uk/cpd/ and each module will consist of a feature on a particular relevant topic to the industry, followed by multiple choice questions.

How do I take them?
The modules can be completed online at www.bdonline.co.uk/cpd/ and you will receive your results and certificate instantly