Architecture CPD

Gain your architecture CPD points with BD by completing CPD modules online. Each module below contains a full technical article followed by a link to a multiple-choice questionnaire. All are fully CPD accredited for architects.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Flygt’s TOPS sump is an example of a pre-engineered, pre-assembled pump station, consisting of station, tank, piping system, and monitoring and control equipment

CPD 9 2014: Optimal pump sumps for wastewater

25 April 2014

The latest in our series of CPD modules focuses on best practice in the design of pumping stations as part of an effective modern sewerage network. This module is sponsored by Xylem Water Solutions UK

An Armstrong White Fabric braced canopy was specified for the Cutty Sark, Greenwich.

CPD 8 2014: Fit-out solutions for ceilings

14 March 2014

Ceiling specifications can affect the sustainability, acoustics, fire resistance, visual appeal and cost-effectiveness of an office building, so it’s an areain which every decision counts. This module is sponsored by Armstrong


CPD 7 2014: BIM and sustainability

7 March 2014

In an effort to improve the energy efficiency of the UK built environment, the government is making bim mandatory on all public projects from 2016. Here’s how the process can cut waste and monitor sustainability

Lighting CPD

CPD 6 2014: Sustainable lighting

28 February 2014

Improvements in LED technology offer architects more ways to integrate light into their designs. As lighting is one of the most energy-intensive elements of a building, such options are vital

Rsks associated with modern methods of construction

CPD 5 2014: Risks associated with modern methods of construction

28 February 2014

This module examines the best ways to manage the risks associated with MMC during the design and construction process. It is sponsored by LABC Warranty

The MEP engineers’ component BIM for the Riverside Project

CPD 3 2014: Introduction to design-led BIM

28 February 2014

This module explains how architects can make the most of an Open BIM workflow from the start of the design process. It is sponsored by Vectorworks

The Dali system at the LMB in Cambridge includes presence detectors and multisensors that link to both the lighting and HVAC controls

CPD 4 2014: Dali and integrated building services

28 February 2014

This module explains the applications of the open protocol for digital lighting, and its integration into a building-wide open system. It is sponsored by Delmatic

The £100m Parkway residential scheme in Newbury, Berkshire, uses Sika Sarnafil’s single-ply membrane system on its roofs, terraces and balconies

CPD 2 2014: Selecting flat roof systems

28 February 2014

This module outlines the key factors involved in the specification of effective and sustainable flat roof systems. It is sponsored by Sika Sarnafil


What are CPDs?
Continuing Professional Development is a commitment by RICS members to continue learning new skills and updating their knowledge of the industry.
By allocating 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to each module on the programme you can get those vital points that will help you to fulfil your yearly CPD requirements of over 20 hours.

Where will they feature?
Regular modules will feature in print and online at www.bdonline.co.uk/cpd/ and each module will consist of a feature on a particular relevant topic to the industry, followed by multiple choice questions.

How do I take them?
The modules can be completed online at www.bdonline.co.uk/cpd/ and you will receive your results and certificate instantly