Thursday03 September 2015

From New Zealand to Ukraine, Carbuncle Cup receives global coverage

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BD’s Carbuncle Cup attracted headlines around the world over the weekend, as well as pieces in the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent and Daily Mail.

All the coverage of the 2010 winner, BFLS’s Strata tower in Elephant & Castle, quoted judge Ellis Woodman who criticised the tower for its “breakfast-extracting ugliness” and suggested it appeared to be “auditioning for a supporting role in a James Bond title sequence. (A Bond title sequence, let us reiterate, in Elephant & Castle.)”

The competition was also picked up by Northern Irish TV and the Belfast Telegraph, which noted how many of the city’s buildings had been nominated, the New Zealand Herald, Brussels paper Le Vif, which dubbed Strata “la plus moche de Grande-Bretagne” and Ukrainian tabloid Segodnya.

BD editor Amanda Baillieu was interviewed on Radio 4’s PM programme on Friday, along with a spokesman for developer Brookfield.

Much of the coverage started fresh debates on the papers’ websites as well as sparking a lot of interest on Twitter. It generated hundreds of tweets from as far afield as Russia and Japan.

To hear Amanda Baillieu’s interview jump to 38 minutes and 48 seconds here:



Readers' comments (6)

  • zecks_marquise

    Thank you for highlighting another grim episode in global journalism. as david cameron said " too much twitter makes a tw@"

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  • You're responsible for internationally ridiculing an already troubled company's work in a time of recession. There are peoples jobs and livelihoods at stake here, this is not some joke. You are not supporting your subscribers!

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  • Come on people the award is a bit of fun and lets face it for every person who hates the building there will be plenty who love it. Developers are not going drop an architect just because one building got a bit of tongue in cheek bad press. In a time of recession any publicity that raises the profile of architecture can't be bad..........remember someone somewhere out there will love this building and will want one just like it

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  • Stewie

    I actually thought the Strata Tower is quite attractive (having seen it myself), particularly when comparesd to the horrible 60's developments nearby, particularly when I tend to prefer traditional architecture. I think it is not hard to envisage the old 60's concrete buildings being knocked down and replaced by similar developments. Less 60's brutal depression style and more star trek glass & steel style.

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  • is there a cup for worst bankers doctors lawyers etc ?


    they are bright enough to protect themselves

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  • I was so excited by the news that I wrote a brief but controversial essay about the Philishave (sorry Strata), I called it: The ugliest in UK or so much for “green” design.
    The taboo for criticizing sustainable architecture for it's ugliness is finally broken.
    “The Emperor is naked.”

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