Is there a sports project that gets your pulse racing? Tell us your nomination for a chance to win Stadiums by Albert Wimmer.

Stephanie Gauthier


The Munich Olympic Stadium by Günter Behnisch and engineer Frei Otto. It was built 40 years ago but you wouldn’t believe it to look at it. You would use a cable net structure for a bridge but to use it for a stadium roof was really pushing the boundary. It has a complete one-bowl structure that has a gentle curve and sits completely in its landscape. For it to be built as an athletics stadium and actually work for football too is a great achievement.

James Ward


I love Lord’s Cricket Ground because of the brave way it has been added to over the years without its character or history being compromised. Future Systems’ Media Centre, which sits above a very gentrified bit of England, is the epicentre.

I think there is something very courageous about getting such high quality architects to move Lord’s forward. But I think it has still managed to retain its old-world character.

Lee Hosking


The San Nicola Stadium in Bari, Italy, is a Renzo Piano classic. It was one of 12 built for the 1990 World Cup in Italy, and it hovers over the landscape with stairs like those from the spaceship in Close Encounters.

It breaks a couple of key rules as it doesn’t have a continuous bowl. It isn’t over-engineered. You look at it and you think “I get it” straight away.

Andrew Robertson

Senior structural engineer

The Water Cube National Aquatics Centre in Beijing is fantastic. It has beauty and tech-nical merit even though it looks funky and organic. The soap bubbles work brilliantly as a structure. They fill the 3D space by using a steel mesh which acts like a space-frame, but, as it looks random, you would think it would be millions of different pieces. It also regulates the temperature inside by acting as a greenhouse.

Rachel Hart

Head of the model workshop

I really admire the Millennium Dome by Richard Rogers. It’s a simple tent structure but is quite versatile. I love the way it fits its space on the peninsula. When those huge yellow masts went up it really made a statement. The building regenerated the area. I’ve been to the O2 to see a few gigs, and I think it is very successful. I’m pleased the building has managed to shake off the bad press.