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  • ALA VA

    Interior flooring with a local twist


    Amanda Birch’s study of three distinct examples of interior flooring examines work in London, Zanzibar and India by Amanda Levete, Jestico Whiles and Project Orange

  • Puukuokka

    Puukuokka Housing, Jyväskylä, Finland, by Anssi Lassila


    The first building to be completed in Anssi Lassila’s three-block development in Jyväskylä may now be the tallest apartment tower in Finland, but it’s the building’s innovative construction system that’s the real talking point, writes Hugh Strange

  • Woodspeen 10

    The Woodspeen, West Berkshire by Softroom


    The extension to this 1827 Victorian pub relies on natural materials, including its distinctive thatched roof, to complement the original building, despite its noteworthy design

  • CEIP 215 school

    CEIP 215 school, Girona, Spain by H Arquitectes


    This refurbishment of a 1980s school in the small Catalonian village of Vidreres prioritises durable, low-cost construction while instilling a greater sense of space that values daylighting and a stronger relationship with the outdoors

  • additive manufacturing

    Could you 3D print your building components?


    New developments in additive manufacturing are being used to make real building components that are lighter, more cost effective and structurally just as strong as their counterparts, but use 75% less material

  • SR1406_LBS_Front-Detail_Still

    London Business School by Sheppard Robson


    Sheppard Robson’s partial conversion of the Westminster Register Office complex includes a glazed link building for the entrance

  • H71a

    H71a, Reykjavík, Iceland


    Studio Granda replaced a dilapidated structure with an extension to the studio of Icelandic photographer Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson. The project utilised several long-standing collaborative relationships, not least that between architect and client, writes Hugh Strange

  • Enterprise Centre

    Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia by Architype


    The £11.6m Enterprise Centre in Norfolk is one of the most innovative green buildings in the UK. But for its prefabricated cladding, it relies on the region’s most traditional building method

  • A double height atrium has been carved out of the building to create a sense of drama and maximise natural lighting.

    Institution of Structural Engineering by Hugh Broughton Architects


    Hugh Broughton and Expedition Engineering have turned an awkwardly shaped existing office building in Clerkenwell into a showcase of structural innovation

  • Galway

    Picture Palace, Galway, Ireland by dePaor Architects


    In the heart of Galway, architect Tom dePaor has transformed a once-Georgian merchant’s house into a monolithic, concrete-clad, 276-seater independent cinema. But one that still hints at the city’s roots, writes Hugh Strange

  • The new building uses traditional materials to provide a link with its historic neighbours but is clearly a modern intervention.

    Mansfield College East Range building, by Rick Mather Architects


    This modest two-storey building involves a high level of technical complexity to work round a grade II* listed building and a tricky site in the centre of Oxford

  • Massing options for the East India Dock residential project in Tower Hamlets

    BIM: Early adopters


    Ramboll has developed an early stage modelling process that combines the qualitative capabilities of parametric design with BIM’s algorithmic, analytical strengths. Ike Ijeh wonders where this leaves designers

  • DRDH Architecture's concert hall and library in Bodo, Norway

    Stormen Concert Hall, Bodø, Norway by DRDH Architects


    A three-auditorium concert hall was tasked not only with complementing the character of this Norwegian town, but navigating the acoustic challenges that come with a multi-purpose space

  • Rcka

    Can BIM put architects back in control of projects?


    Amanda Birch looks at how a widespread roll-out of BIM could offer architects the chance of a more central role on projects

  • Kavel Houses, Ghent by Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu

    Kavel Houses, Ghent by Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu


    An innovative Belgian development of four terraced houses, designed in collaboration with young families, packs a huge amount of variety into its small, irregular site

  • Hong Kong skyline

    Can tall buildings ever be sustainable?


    With debate still raging over the 230 towers lined up to make the London skyline look more like Hong Kong’s, Ike Ijeh looks at whether tall buildings can ever be sustainable

  • Harvard gallery

    Light at the museum


    Exposure to natural light can be damaging to the rare and valuable pieces on display at museums. Amanda Birch investigates how three galleries have employed innovative lighting set-ups to keep their displays illuminated, while remaining protected from harmful ultraviolet rays

  • SPECIFIC’s first ‘Building as a power station’ prototype

    Buildings as power stations


    Scientists are working hard to make the built environment principally reliant on renewable energy. But, as Ike Ijeh finds out, with only 10% of their ideas leading to commercial application, a Swansea-based innovation centre aims to turn theory into practice

  • House on a Hillside, Wyhlen by Gian Salis

    House on a Hillside, Wyhlen by Gian Salis


    Hugh Strange explores how architect Gian Salis not only navigated his way around a building on a steep incline, but made it a complementing feature of this concrete-framed house

  • COD____Alamy

    And the Oscar for best architect goes to...


    Ike Ijeh on how Academy Award-winning special effects software is being combined with BIM to give architects mind-bending simulation capacity