I first visited Stirling & Gowan’s Leicester engineering building around the same time as John Tuomey (Letters January 25).

Having just returned from another Stirling masterpiece — Queen’s College Oxford’s Florey building — it is Toumey’s last paragraph that resonates. As with the 1980s’ misinformation about much of Gillespie, Kidd & Coia’s work, we now have university estates blaming the architecture or architect for what is really shameful neglect.

At Florey, I saw a disgraceful lack of attention and a ham-fisted, couldn’t-care-less attitude to problems. The dining room’s funky weather vane vent, originally

multicoloured, has not seen a coat of paint in many years, and the limited spalling of tiles appeared to be largely the result of shoddy installation of a brutal security fence.

Neglect of important 20th century post-war architecture is a dismal reflection of our priorities. These buildings deserve appropriate repair and maintenance.