Sarah Wigglesworth

  • Occupy London at St Paul's

    Power to the architects


    Sarah Wigglesworth calls on the profession to stop kowtowing to clients and start setting the political agenda

  • Review

    Fresh ideas to the table


    Is a new book linking architecture with cooking food for thought?

  • Features

    Changing times and a new attitude


    On my first day at architecture school, the new cohort gathered in their unfamiliar studio to attend the introduction delivered by our year master. An air of apprehension was evident as us freshers listened attentively to gain our first insight into the mysteries of the architectural fraternity. ...

  • Features

    Fear and loathing in the boy zone


    So women architects are in an interesting position. Whether we like it or not, the contract turns all of us architects into policemen, but sexism adds a further twist. Not part of any male gang, we women have no clear allegiance on site, but, like the guys, we still ...