Richard Weston

  • Till and Sarah Wigglesworth’s straw bale house: a clue?

    Tilling infertile architectural ground


    There’s a whiff of hypocrisy in Jeremy Till’s call in his latest book for architects to re-engage with the everyday

  • Review

    All around the houses


    Richard Weston celebrates a new — and rare — book on Jørn Utzon

  • Suitcase House, commune by the Great Wall of China, 2002, by Edge Design Institute.

    Homes for the future


    A book on the 21st century house may seem premature, but it is still an informative look at the state of the art

  • Almost 40% of the materials used in the Wales National Assembly Building are from local suppliers.

    Welsh splendour


    An exclusive preview of Rogers’ Welsh Assembly building reveals a gem

  • Opinion

    Star appeal of the noblest profession


    The news that “the world’s sexiest man” is eager to join the ranks of the world’s noblest profession ought to be enthusiastically embraced as yet another sign of architecture’s irresistible rise.

  • Opinion

    The fine line between influence and rip-off


    As an undergraduate I was accused by some generous-minded peers of “ripping off” a building that had just appeared in the Architectural Review. My scheme undeniably bore a striking resemblance to its alleged model, and protestations that I had never set eyes on it before fell on deaf ears.

  • Stalinism in stone - Boris Iofan's final design for the Palace of the Soviets

    Countryside defiance


    Labour must not dictate style.

  • Features

    The divine bovine


    Rejoicing at Zaha Hadid's Pritzker Prize was understandably slightly mooted west of Offa's Dyke. It's not just that we feared it would offer critics yet another opportunity to remind the world of the lost Cardiff Opera House, but that it would confirm just how out of touch some of us ...