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    Why Koolhaas thinks the global recession could be a "healthy thing"


    As the global recession has tightened its grip on the construction industry, many have been muttering about the end of iconic architecture. Now Rem Koolhaas has waded in with his own take.The Architectural Record looks at the impact of the 88,000 industry job cuts in the first quarer of this ...

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    Freelon's winning streak and a pedestrian-friendly Abu Dhabi


    In News Junkie today we take a look at an interview with Philip Freelon (who is designing the new Smithsonian with Adjaye), glance at plans to make Abu Dhabi more pedestrian friendly and – shock horror – the New York Times has realised architects are having a tough time...Freelon's winning ...

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    Gensler's San Fran art museum and designing through a depression


    Most of the international stories that have caught BD's eye today have come from the states, including a thoughtful piece on Designing Through a Depression and news on projects by Zaha and Libeskind.SFMOMA Plans AheadIn San Francisco, plans are afoot for a major new art gallery extension by Gensler. According ...

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    Is the Dubai boom over?


    The Guardian's Paul Lewis recounts tales of luxury cars abandoned at the airport, cancelled projects and fleeing workers and asks if the boom is over for Dubai? Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the article comes right at the end when Lewis looks at the possibility of a bailout from ...

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    Architects unhappy at US stimulus bill


    Across the pond, architects are weighing in against the Senate's version of the stimulus bill as it no longer contains funds earmarked for school construction. - Chicago Tribune - Architecture Review The American Institute of Architects is ...

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    Actors hired to make architecture firm look busy


     Think things are bad in your office? This gem from the States might make you feel better. Apparently, one architect has taken to hiring actors to pretend to be staff whenever a client visits to make the office appear busier. - The Huffington Post

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    Abu Dhabi - not such a safe haven?


    A news story just up on Property Wire casts doubt on the repeated suggestion that the rest of the Emirates will ride out the Dubai downturn.It reports that the second largest developer in Abu Dhabi is to delay all new projects - with obvious knock on effects for architects ...

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    Moma's young architecture award goes to urban shelter


    This year's Moma's Young Architects Program competition has been won by Hilary Sample and Michael Meredith for their installation entitled Afterparty - an temporary urban shelter and cooling stationThe New York Times sees the result as a reaction against architectural excesses and a response to the economic climate with its ...

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    Does the recession mean an end for iconic architecture?


    Amidst all the articles on architecture and the recession, this one in the Chicago Tribune caught my eye.Taking its lead from Obama's plan for economic recovery, it suggests it's goodbye for iconic architecture - but hello for infrastructure spending the premise isn't new, the article does a nice ...