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  • Elemental Qatar museum

    Pritzker winner pips Brit to land Qatar museum


    Chile’s Alejandro Aravena bests Adam Khan to prize

  • The Bilbao Guggenheim by Frank Gehry

    Vanity Fair reveals vanity voting behind list of best modern buildings


    A survey to find the best building since 1980 has revealed some unusally brazen vanity voting, the truth behind traditionalists claims to 'not have a problem' with modern buildings and that competition doesn't awlays brred resentment...

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    The Pritzker Prize 2010 - all bets are off


    Yes it's that time of year again, the daffodils are finally out and among those who care the anticipation is building for the announcement of the next Pritzker Prize winner on Sunday. Who will win is really anyone's guess, so it's no surprise that William Hill hadn't been taking ...

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    New York New York plus Graft's Russian Jewish Museum


    It's a pretty New York heavy news round up today, with more rumblings from Atlantic Yards, the opening of the High Line and New York University's new building proposal. Thom Mayne has been announced as artist in residence for the LA film festival, and SanDiegoans (is that right?) are protesting ...

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    Pascall & Watson get the Louvre and green schools for the US


    So, the House of Representatives has passed a bill to build one of the most ambitious schools programmes in recent history. But it's not the first time that something like this has been passed by the House and ignored by the Senate. Fingers crossed it goes through this time. ...

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    Zumthor not "this holy, mystical guy in the alps" and conversations with Frank Gehry


    News Junkie kicks the week off by finding out a bit more about two of the world's most respected architects... I’m No Crazy Recluse, Says Pritzker Winner Zumthor: Interview Insightful interview with this year’s Pritzker prize winner, Peter Zumthor. “I’m not a networker and I don’t constantly promote and publicize ...

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    'Bright spots' in Australia, Zumthor pics and more drama in India


    Peter Zumthor’s Pritzker win is still dominating the architectural headlines, but Mass Studies 2010 pavilion and ‘bright spots’ in Australia also caught BD’s eye today. Elsewhere, thousands of Indian architects face being stripped of their title as the government continues to express unhappiness with the CoA. Korean Pavilion at Expo ...