Book reproduces more than 200 drawings from 15th century to the present day

RIBA Collections is poised to publish a compendium of architectural drawings bringing together hundreds of pieces by architects ranging from Zaha Hadid to Christopher Wren and Erno Goldfinger to Andrea Palladio.

Many of the illustrations in The Architecture Drawing Book are previously unpublished and its 200-plus colour reproductions include back-of-envelope concept sketches, glamorous perspectives, exploded axonometrics and born-digital drawings.

Elizabeth Webster, senior commissioning editor at RIBA Publishing, said notable drawings in the £45 book range from a Victorian clubhouse in a castle in the West End of London, complete with battlements and turrets, to a design for the post-war reconstruction of the capital. There is also a 1945 fantasy landscape featuring Le Corbusier’s Capriccio of Notre-Dame du Haut in ruins.

“It has been an enormous pleasure and privilege to work on this book,” she said. “There is such richness and variety within the RIBA Collections and this book allows those drawings to tell their stories.”

Design for a ceiling early 18 th century Bolognese School, early 18th century Pen and ink watercolour and gouache squared for transfer 231 x 225 mm

Source: RIBA Collections

Design for a ceiling; early 18th century; Bolognese School; pen and ink watercolour and gouache.

Webster added that the book was “rooted in exploring how and why architects draw”, and that it also includes work by Inigo Jones, AWN Pugin, Richard Rogers, Norman Foster and George Gilbert Scott.

Each drawing is accompanied by commentary written by RIBA curators Charles Hind, Fiona Orsini and Susan Pugh.

The Architecture Drawing Book is out on 18 November.

Cross section of Patrick Hodgkinson's Brunswick Centre. Drawing by Birkin Haward c1968

Source: RIBA Collections

Cross section of Patrick Hodgkinson’s Brunswick Centre. Drawing by Birkin Haward c1968. Featured in The Architecture Drawing Book