Russian Airport competition: Haptic and Pascall & Watson

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Haptic and Pascall & Watson have been shortlisted for a £300 million airport terminal in Russia that will serve football fans visiting the 2018 World Cup.

Another London-based practice, Twelve architects & masterplanners, is the other British finalist on an 11-strong shortlist dominated by Russians.

The scheme is for a new airport terminal, hotel and related infrastructure in Rostov province, southern Russia

The Yuzhny Greenfield Airport competition is being organised and funded by the Airports of the Regions, part of the Renova Group, the largest airport holding company in Russia. 

The terminal will meet an initial demand of 5 million passengers a year and be delivered across two phases as part of a wider transport development programme. The second stage of the competition will run until early September.

The project is due to be completed in time for the World Cup in 2018, for which one of the host cities is Rostov-on-Don.

The shortlist in full:

1) Nefa Research Architectural Studio, Russia

2) Proektservis LLC, Russia

3) Consortium consisting of Aeroproekt, Ukraine, and ADP Ingenierie, France

4) Asadov Architectural Studio, Russia

5) Haptic Architects, UK

6) ABD Architects, Russia

7) Pascall & Watson, UK

8) TPO Rezerv, Russia

9) T Bashkaev Architectural Studio, Russia

10) Consortium consisting of Za bor and Totement/Paper, Russia

11) Twelve architects & masterplanners, UK