Every element at Marlborough Sports Garden will have multiple functions including a climbable cafe

Cullinan Studio has been chosen to redesign the Marlborough Sports Garden in Southwark in south-east London.

The facility, which is located just behind Borough High Street, will provide a mixed sports facility that is freely available to local school pupils, other children and young people, particularly those who are living in poverty.


Source: Cullinan Studio

The scheme has been designed to stand out from the street

Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST) is the client on the project.

Central to Cullinan Studio’s design is that every space and every object has multiple purposes.

The new, flexible entrance, events, cafe and training building becomes a climbable structure, as both seating for spectators and step exercises for classes and individuals.

Slides provide a fun way down as a reward for stepping up, while high perimeter fences can host climbing plants, banners and giant posters.

Tall props hosting climbing plants will create a distinctive frieze on Union Street, while colourful signage, with supergraphics on walls, ground surfaces and soffits, will define spaces while bringing a sense of fun and energy to the garden.


Source: Cullinan Studio

An aerial view of Cullinan Studio’s proposal for the revamped facility

Jack Harrison, sports development manager at BOST, said: “We are excited to work with Cullinan Studio and Southwark Council to complete the final phase of the Marlborough Sports Garden.

“Through the project, we aim to support the health and well-being of local residents by creating a sustainable, attractively designed and well-managed community space. The refurbishment will focus on the needs of local children and young people, making it easier for them to eat well, exercise more and develop a love for and proficiency in many sports.”

Cullinan Studio and BOST will work together to find how local people, particularly young people, can get involved in all stages of the project.