The second volume in the series will explore the practice’s work between 2000 and 2012

Caruso St John and Mack Books have announced the publication of the next volume of the practice’s collected works. 

The second book is intended to explore the intertwining themes that shaped the renowned practice’s projects during the first twelve years of the twenty-first century.

A particular focus will be Caruso St John’s desire to question the notion of ceaseless novelty in architecture. The practice’s approach to history will be explored, emphasising the past as a present force and Caruso St John’s interest in working with existing built elements.

The second volume will examine the influence of Milan, Chicago, and Rome on Caruso St John’s understanding of urban spaces. It also covers their use of ornamentation, and highlights Switzerland’s role in shaping the practice’s evolving trajectory.

Some of the practice’s most celebrated projects will be featured, ranging from their work on historic structures such as Tate Britain to more recent projects, such as the Newport Street Gallery and the Europaallee Mixed-use Building in Zurich.

Alongside these well known buildings, the book will present exhibition designs and competition entries, accompanied by an assortment of materials, including unseen drawings, references, and fresh commentaries from members of the practice.

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